24 oct 2010


Mika Jussila, propietario de las prestigiosos estudios FINNVOX en Helsinki, donde Uzzhuaia masterizó el disco blanco y su reciente 13 Veces por Minuto, ha comentado esto sobre el disco:

In June I mastered an album for a Valencian band called Uzzhuaia (http://www.uzzhuaia.com/). and I sold my soul immediately to this robust rocking true solid rock group from Spain. 13 Veces Por Minuto was already the second album I mastered for them, but at least now I fell in love with softly flowing Spanish language, fat and brisk sound (http://www.manueltomas.com/) and melodic hit tracks. This band I should see perform alive. Esos chicos no se necesitan corbatas! To be fair, go and check also all other toro-rockers from my “All list”. The number of pins on my Spain map is increasing fast.